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13 yr old Dog suddenly started limping - any ideas?

I have a 13yr old dog who was very very healthy and then one day just started limping which has delveoped into muscle wasting and knuckling but it has been about 9 months and she doesn't seem to get any worse or better. But it is clearly only in one hind leg with no signs at all in the other. There does not seem to be any pain. She has been to vets, vet chiropractors and accupuncturists to no avail. Given your experiences any suggestions? I am in Brisbane, Australia and am a little concerned as the vet chiropractor has ruled out muskuloskeletal trauma and spinal cord problems? Thanks for your help and I am very sorry to hear what your poor girl has gone through.


Sorry to hear about your dog's problems

Can you get a referral to Qld Uni's School of Vet Science ( Centre for Companion Animal Health)? Don't know if it is possible but may be worth trying. They should be up-to-date with research and diagnostic tools and practices.


Sorry to hear this - the only experience I have had with knuckling over was my German Shepherd who had CDRM, but of course it could be one of a number of causes.

Hope you find out what it is.


Thanks for your kind replies. She is booked in a UQ vet school for diagnostics on Tuesday next week so hopefully this will provide some answers.


Good luck for Tuesday Simone - please let us know how you get on too.


That is excellent Simone - they should be able to find some answers for you Let us know how it goes.


Hi All
My poor Bonnie has been through it all in the last week. CT scans, myleograms, ultrasounds, diskograms, bloods etc - She has been in surgery for about 5 hours today already and so far they have discovered a huge lipoma in the spinal canal and are now looking at whether she has a disk rupture as well. We will know shortly if the lipoma is benign or not and whether she had a blown disk. Will let you know. I think that the moral of the story is that it would have been worth going to through diagnositics early rather than wait to see if things got worse.... I am still convinced that food has had an influence on the lipoma development. Anyone have any thoughts on this?


Sorry that you and Bonnie have had such an unpleasant few days. Must have been stressful for her and very worrying for you She is in good hands though

I have no idea whether food could have been a factor - I would think not in the case of a lipoma/disk rupture, but I hope Christine catches this post as she is far more knowledgeable about nutrition than I am - as are many other DW members

I agree with exploring all possibilities early - it can save much distress later on when things may have progressed.

All good wishes to you and Bonnie, and please let us know the results how she is faring generally.


Sorry to hear about your dog Simone
mind quite often lipomas are benign, hope thats the result with Bonnies

Heres a link with info for tumours & diet & lots more info as well, I do have another link but can`t find it right now, will put it up soon as I do tho


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