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HELP feeding pregnant yorkie

My yorkie is into her 4th week of pregnancy..and is starting to get really picky. What are some good things to feed her???

Have you tried puppy food ?

yes i started mixing puppy with adult and can. she eats good sometimes and not very good at others..can you mix cottage cheese w/ dry?? I just need some ideals on what others have tried for picky eaters.

Hi ,
From now on , you should give her only puppy food , It is for the formation of the puppies inside her . After she'll have had her puppies , it will be puppy food until the puppies are weaned .
Believe my little experience , I have 2 litters at home , one of 4 girls and the other of 5 girls .

thanks :)

hi, I bred for six years, had 3 females. I would feed my girls a mixture of beef or turkey meat babyfood with cottage cheese or vanillia yorgurt. their good for calicum and for the moms milk when it comes in so she'll have plunty. once a week i'd give them a crushed tums. its good for calcum.. the pups take alot of calcium from the mom.. sometimes i'd have to feed the food to them with a spoon.. twice a day.. even if they ate half of it.. they were getting some thing good for the pups.. good luck.. its a wonderful time to experience. jenny from paris, IL.

I think yogart and cottage cheese are good. Calcium is important now.

Yogart, cheeses, cottage cheese are fine..hold off on the tums until after the pups are born..this is vet advice from many.

I only give a good quality puppy food to my bitches when they are pregnant .
Too much calcium is not good .

might want to try this mixture it has worked well for me
cup of long grain rice
grate carrots
(2) ground chicken breast
1 can dice tomatos
(4) eggs
can of chicken broth
mix it in a baking pan and bake @ 250 for about an hour or untill rice is tender and cooked, keep tasting till you know the rice is done. cut it into cubes for daily feeding and store in the freezer.
starting 4 weeks before they whelp I mix the above cube (about 1/2 cup) mixed into their Bil-jac or royal canin puppy food on 2 daily feedings (along with their free feed)
all during nursing 3 daily feedings and goats milk after each meal not before cause they like the milk so much they will fill up on that alone.
they love it!
They sometimes get bored with it so I vary it with using turkey and pasta too

I also kept puppy chow for my moms all the time, but extra I would fix the babyfood mixture.. Lady was 3 when I got her. Her first litter she had 8 pups
her second litter she had 9. the vet said it was too many pups her last litter and we had her fixed. she weighed 13pounds her last litter.. send me your email and i will send picture of litters.. so cool..


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